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How to Practice Compliance While Playing with Building Blocks

Typically, if you set a box of building blocks (Legos, K’Nex, waffle blocks, etc.) in front of a kid, they grab blocks and start building.  Most don’t necessarily care what color of block they’re getting.  When a kiddo wants to play with building blocks, it’s easy to turn it into a compliance activity.  I have a Lego set with yellow, blue, green, and red Legos.  I usually get some arguing and whining from children if I turn it into a compliance activity and tell them they can only use two colors.  It’s a great way to practice following directions and following through, as it can be hard for the kiddo to accept.

I’ve gotten lots of great responses, such as:

  • “Why?” (CLASSIC)
  • “But can I just use this one red?”
  • “But then I won’t be able to build it!”
  • “How come you get to use those ones?”

If I tell a kiddo that he can only use yellow and blue and he starts whining?  Consequence.  When he finally says “Ok?”  Praise, praise, praise!  Then I’ll let him build for a few minutes before switching up the colors by saying, “Ok, now you can only use red and blue.”  Repeat with consequence for whining/arguing/noncompliance and praise for accepting and following through.  Easy!

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