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How to Practice Positive Social Interaction with Legos

Little boys like to play rough (most of them, anyways).  Let them play together outside and games involving zombies and superheroes are common, where they’re running at each other and pretending to shoot weapons at each other.  Let them play with action figures and, unlike girls who sometimes “play house,” boys will often “fight” with the toys or engage in other aggressive play.  Some blame tv and video games; I don’t really care what causes it, I just want to work on it!

Little boys seem to love Legos and really seem to enjoy building robots out of Legos.  Of course, once the Legos are built, it’s typical for them to want to “fight” or “race.”  So instead, I practice with them more prosocial interactions.  This includes having our robots play nicely together, having the robots “high five” and “hug,” and also engaging in appropriate conversation between robot characters.  Then we get to role-play those same skills, and discuss using them in the real world.  It’s one of my favorite activities to use with kiddos who are having a hard time with boundaries and keeping their hands to themselves.

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