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Soothers and Triggers

To help children (and adults!) understand their emotions, it’s important to help them identify what triggers negative feelings.  Everyone has different triggers.  Large crowds bother me, but there are plenty of people who thrive when in a big crowd of people.  Some kiddos are extremely sensitive to noise, while others enjoy loud music.

Once children are able to identify what triggers negative emotions, they can then identify several “soothers” or coping strategies.  These strategies/activities are meant to help them feel calm or even happy.

I have created a document which includes several soothers (calming strategies) and triggers that are common for children and adults.  Again, everyone is different, but these are often identified as triggering negative emotions, including anger and frustration.



You can find the Soothers and Triggers worksheet here.

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Inside Out Feelings Chart

I just found the coolest feelings identification chart.  It uses Inside Out characters… I always get excited when I find something therapeutic that also relates to children!  Kids have a hard time identifying their emotions sometimes… and it can be because they don’t know the right words.  Ninety percent of the time I ask a kiddo how they’re feeling, I get “happy” or “sad,” but emotions are more complicated than that!  This is a great tool to promote kiddo’s knowledge about the spectrum of feelings and be able to identify what they’re feeling.


This is NOT mine… it was posted on this site/blog:

I found it on Facebook, where it was shared by The Gottman Institute (a great resource for marriage/relationship counseling material).

Find the printable version of the Inside Out Feelings Chart here.  I will be printing this and using it with my kiddos.