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Inside Out Feelings Chart

I just found the coolest feelings identification chart.  It uses Inside Out characters… I always get excited when I find something therapeutic that also relates to children!  Kids have a hard time identifying their emotions sometimes… and it can be because they don’t know the right words.  Ninety percent of the time I ask a kiddo how they’re feeling, I get “happy” or “sad,” but emotions are more complicated than that!  This is a great tool to promote kiddo’s knowledge about the spectrum of feelings and be able to identify what they’re feeling.


This is NOT mine… it was posted on this site/blog:

I found it on Facebook, where it was shared by The Gottman Institute (a great resource for marriage/relationship counseling material).

Find the printable version of the Inside Out Feelings Chart here.  I will be printing this and using it with my kiddos.


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