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How to Practice Accepting Consequences with Chutes and Ladders

Accepting consequences seems to be fairly difficult for most children I work with.  Let’s face it, no one LIKES consequences, whether it’s a time-out, having to do an extra chore, or losing money.  One fun way to practice accepting consequences is by playing the game Chutes and Ladders.  Even better?  I have a shorter version of the game in my office that shows pictures of children doing something they (probably) shouldn’t at the top, then shows a consequence at the bottom.

When I play this game with children, I pre-teach that they will practice the steps to accepting consequences each time they land on a chute.  They then practice saying “ok” and using a calming strategy to stay calm.  I provide praise and corrective feedback, if necessary.  I also discuss with children the benefits of staying calm when receiving a consequence.

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