Posted in Emotion Regulation

How to Teach Deep Breathing with Bubbles

Kids (and adults!) love bubbles.  They’re messy and sticky, but so much fun for little ones.  And surprise!  They can help promote use of calming strategies by teaching kids about taking deep breaths and letting them get lots of fun practice in.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve prompted a kiddo to take a deep breath and they take a really shallow, quick breath.  Sometimes they do it intentionally to be naughty little stinkers, but a lot of times it’s because they don’t know how!  This is where bubbles can help!  Anyone who has experience with bubbles know that you have to breathe slowly and somewhat softly in order to successfully get bubbles to fly off that wand.

So when I want to teach a younger kiddo about taking deep breaths, I pull out that bottle of bubbles and have them practice taking slow, deep breaths in order to blow some bubbles.  Then take the wand away and have them “pretend” that they’re still blowing bubbles to help them practice taking deep breaths.  A lot of times it takes some alternating between having the bubble wand and not have it, but having kids practice deep breathing by blowing bubbles can really help them learn and practice taking slow, measured, and deep breaths.  Plus it’s fun!! 🙂

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