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Five Praise Statement Printouts

It’s rare that I get a parent to admit this, but I have had some express how difficult it can be to praise because they aren’t used to using praise statements.  These documents can be a wonderful tool to give parents ideas on how to praise.  I often suggest that parents hang it on the refrigerator… that way they can reference it when needed and it will also serve as a visual reminder to praise!!  I even keep one on the bulletin board in my office – as a reminder to parents and myself.

Below is a handful of documents that were created to give examples of ways to praise – there are so many you can find online.  A lot of them included the same praise statements, but they are formatted differently and it’s nice to be able to choose whichever one is most visually appealing to you.  Choose whichever you like best and put it somewhere to remind you to praise!!



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