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Using Julia Cook Books to Discuss Social Skills

It can be really difficult to hold a child’s interest, especially when talking about behaviors and life skills. Books are a great way to facilitate discussion with children, without being super boring.  However, there are some very dull and dry books out there!!  Julia Cook’s books, on the other hand, are exciting, visually appealing, and FUN!

You can find a list of her books on her website:

I honestly have not read a Julia Cook book that I haven’t loved, but here are some of my favorites:

  • Peer Pressure Gauge – from the title, you can tell this one is about peer pressure.  The characters are “numahs” (“human” backward) and it’s a really fun story about a kid being peer pressured by his classmate.
  • Personal Space Camp – all about boundaries and personal space (no, not outer space).
  • Soda Pop Head – a fun read about controlling angry feelings.


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