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Days Like This (and Three Positive Things About Them)

Today has been one of those days. Standing over my daughter’s crib, close to tears, trying to use my nonexistent superpowers to get her to sleep. Twenty-five minutes later she was finally napping… although that had more to do with persistence and some good old-fashioned soothing than superpowers.

It was past noon and I hadn’t had any coffee (the horror!) and had hardly eaten. I was hangry and emotionally exhausted. We’d already been to the grocery store and as soon as we got back and walked in the door she wanted a bottle. Then she finally fell asleep and I finally got to drink my coffee and eat something… while I also put groceries away and clean dishes and let the dog outside and back inside 5 times in 8 minutes.

Just one of those days… I texted my husband and told him I didn’t feel like a great mommy today, and not because I’d done anything wrong or bad, but because it seemed like nothing had gone smoothly. Then I started singing that song in my head… “mama said there’ll be days like this.” Yes, days like this are tough. Days like this have me checking the clock every 10 minutes to see if it’s time for my husband to come home. Days like this leave my feeling drained and sometimes incapable. But…

  • Days like this remind me that 95% of my days as a mommy are wonderful and relatively easy… sometimes I take those days for granted.
  • Days like this challenge me and build confidence.
  • Days like this remind me that I’m not superwoman (and that’s ok).

On days like this, it helps to remind myself that my little girl is a miracle that some pray for and may never have the pleasure of knowing. So I will try my best not to take her or motherhood for granted, even on days like this.

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