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Each One of Us Matters: A Poem About Acceptance

I wanted to share a fun little poem I wrote after reading multiple news stories about people being intolerant of differences.  The style is partially inspired by all the Dr. Seuss books I’ve been reading my daughter.  It presents the differences people may have in a silly way, which I think might help kids to understand that our differences don’t have to be a huge barrier to accepting each other.


People come in all sizes and shapes
Some love strawberries, some love grapes

Some are boys and some are girls
Some have straight hair, some have curls

Some have red hair, others have blonde
Some have lots of hair, some have none

Some have dark skin, some have light
Some need glasses, others have perfect sight

Some have two moms and others two dads
Some watch the football game, some just the ads

Some have tattoos, some have scars

Some see figures when they look at the stars

Some are friendly, others are shy
Some prefer cake, others prefer pie

Some walk on feet, some roll on wheels
Some ride on bikes, some in automobiles

Some like burgers, others never eat meat
Some have messy homes, others have neat

Some eat peanuts, some eat none
Some like the cold, while some like the sun

Some like donkeys, while others like elephants
Some work at schools, while a few will be president

Some are fast, while others are slow
Some like to sleep a lot, some are always on the go

Some sleep on their tummies, others sleep on their backs
Some live in mansions, some live in shacks

What’s important is not what sets us apart
What’s most important is what’s on the inside, in our heart

We should always be kind to everyone we meet,
Whether they like their food salty, sour, or sweet

Each one of us matters; we all are unique
Whether we have few or lots of freckles on our cheeks

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