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Twelve Things I Hope For My Daughter

1. I hope that she will be kind to everyone… regardless of who they love or who they voted for, regardless of the color of their skin, regardless of if anyone is watching.

2. I hope others can see God’s light, joy, peace, and LOVE when they interact with her.

3. I hope she makes smart financial decisions and isn’t burdened by debt.

4. I hope she loves to travel and makes it a priority when she’s grown.

5. I hope she is strong enough to accept help from others when she needs it, whether physically, financially, or emotionally.

6. I hope she never doubts that she is loved.

7. I hope that (someday a long time from now!) she finds a partner who will accept her, respect her, love her, value her, and support her.

8. I hope she doesn’t hold back from trying something due to fear of failing or fear of what others might think.

9. I hope she can remain optimistic about the world, despite daily news of violence.

10. I hope she has a desire to help others in some capacity.

11. I hope she chooses a career because she is passionate about it, not because of money/salary/benefits.

12. I hope she has a healthy balance of introversion and extraversion… that she can easily make friends, but enjoy solitude.

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