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Five Things I Do as a Stay-At-Home-Mom to Stay Sane

I’m about 10 months into this whole Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM) morning thing and feel like I’m starting to figure it out a bit. I also work very part-time (just a few hours on some evenings and Saturday mornings). There are benefits to this, but it also is more responsibility and takes away some time from my already-too-short days. There are a few things that I’ve made part of my routine in order to help me stay sane:

  • I have my daughter “help” with chores. This morning I swept and vacuumed while I had her in her carrier on my front. Sure, it’s a little harder, but it gets done. Plus she thinks it’s funny to watch the broom go back and forth, so win-win!
  • I read aloud to her from books that I enjoy. Sure, I read her children’s books too, but I also read adult books that I find entertaining. Today we finished The Help (had to censor some of that!) and next we’ll start A Christmas Carol.
  • I go to bed early. My daughter goes to bed consistently around 7pm. I usually go to bed between 8:30 and 9! Almost every night I want to stay up later and enjoy some adult time, but I go to bed because I know I need a full night of sleep and, to do so, I need to go to bed early because…
  • I wake up early to exercise. This doesn’t happen every morning, but if I slept moderately well, I will wake up about an hour before the time my daughter wakes up so that I can get a 30-minute workout in and shower afterwards. Do I want to sleep in most mornings? Yep, and sometimes I do. But I also know that exercising is a great start to my day and great for my mental wellbeing.
  • I plan meals for the week and make big batches. This past Sunday, I made a big pot of chili and also cooked chicken in the crockpot. I just finished the chili today and the chicken should last us through the week. It takes a little more time on the weekend, but it makes evenings soooo much less stressful. I also try to plan out meals for my daughter, now that she’s eating more solid foods. On Monday I cooked a pot of brown rice that will last her all week.

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