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Favorites Ice Breaker Worksheet

When I start seeing a new kiddo for therapy, I like to give them an easy assignment to do before their second session.  I usually have kiddos with emotional concerns do a worksheet pertaining to feelings (see Inside Out Emotions Ice Breaker), but for kiddos with more behavioral concerns I usually start with a “favorites” worksheet.

Having kids write down their favorites (and least favorites) is a great “ice breaker” tool for me to get to know them and start building rapport in that second session.  As a bonus, it’s also a great tool for me to use to recommend rewards (from the kiddo’s list of favorites) and negative consequences (from their list of least favorites) to the child’s parents for behavior contracts.

I created a super simple worksheet that I hand out to kiddos when they’re getting ready to leave that first session.  It looks like this:

Favorites screenshot


You can find a printable version here.

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